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SR and Robert Randolph on 12/20 

Upcoming Shows:

December 20th @8pm - Stolen Rhodes with Robert Randolph and the Family Band - Bergen Performing Arts Center, Englewood, NJ (LINK)

SR Fans,

We have some big news for you.  If you've read this far, you've already figured it out... but here goes:
We are proud to announce that we will be sharing the bill with Robert Randolph and the Family Band on December 20th at the Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood, NJ!  We haven't been back to the NYC area since the summer, so we are very excited to be returning by being part of such an amazing show.  Tickets are available through Ticketmaster (LINK).  It's going to be a night filled with a whole lot of hip-shaking rock and soul and more than a few epic guitar solos.  We can't wait to see you there!

We hope you all followed along with us last week and read about our antics with Lynyrd Skynyrd on the high seas.  The Simple Man Cruise was an experience beyond words.  We left that ship feeling energized and even more driven to spread the word of rock and roll far and wide.  Join us with Robert Randolph on December 20th as the Slow Horse Tour rolls into Englewood, NJ to do just that.

Rock on!
\m/ SR

Simple Man Cruise - Day 4 

Day four, the final day of the 8th and final Simple Man Cruise, was SR's show day #2. Our show time was 3:30pm. We finished setting up about a half hour early, and the crowd was already starting to build. We saw a lot of familiar faces, and you could feel the energy and anticipation in the room, both on stage and in the audience. We sound checked with "On the Run," one of our newer songs, and the response was tremendous.

The crowd was primed and ready, so with the ship rolling and pitching in the rough waters, we took to the stage and launched into "Peacemaker" like never before, following up with "Life Was Never Finer" and "Down in Flames." The next song was by special request: several friends we met throughout the trip were hoping we would play "50 Miles to Richmond," so we were happy to do that for them. It was at that point for me that the performance really gelled. After hitting folks with "Gone" and "Keeps Us Moving," and getting everyone singing along, we played "So Long" let's just say a little more dramatically. Secretly before the show, we ran a long guitar cable up onto the ledge above the stage, so Kevin could play from there. There was about a foot of ledge to stand on over the crowd, and to see Kevin perform from that precarious perch just reinforces the fact that every rock show should have a little element of danger. Looking out from the stage every single person with a camera or phone had it pointed up at was awesome. Check out the photo, thanks to our friend Sally Womack Strohacker.

We closed the show with "The Weight," joined by our good friends The Delta Saints and Jamie Davis. Standing there singing with such amazing musicians, and hearing the crowd sing along with every word was just out of this world. Probably the most exhilarating show I have ever played.

After the show, our good friend Bruce Culver introduced us to Richard Turner of Blackberry Smoke. We sat with him for a while, and he invited us to hang backstage during the BBS and Friends show. We talked with the BBS guys for a while, and also got to meet Charlie Huhn and Roger Earl from Foghat - two of the nicest, most gracious people, and killer musicians no less. We watched the show from the side of the stage, and it was kind of a party in and of itself, also a who's-who of great musicians.

Speaking of which, when you're surrounded by a bunch of great musicians for four days straight, impromptu jam sessions happen almost without warning. Every night, we had guitars out and played until sunrise. The after hours jam hosted by Brother Hawk absolutely blew me away. The last night, we were hanging out in the cigar bar, and our friend Bron Burbank of County Line Road handed me a guitar and said "let's get a little sing along going!" It must have been four in the morning and we had the place signing along full voice to songs like "Night Moves" and "Midnight Rider." I think I sang until my voice wouldn't work anymore.

Day four of the Simple Man Cruise, the last day, and nothing I write seems to even begin to describe it. The amount of musical talent on that ship is absolutely mind boggling, and the friendship and love of music that was shared by every person on the cruise made it feel like a dream. Sixthman really knows how to bring people together, and we are so thankful that we were able to be a part of the 8th and final Simple Man Cruise.

It's going to be hard to leave, but there is plenty more rock and roll to be made as SR continues north with the Slow Horse Tour. Stay tuned!
-Matt, Stolen Rhodes

Simple Man Cruise - Day 3 

So I'm glad I get to write about Tuesday on the Simple Man Cruise because it was pretty much the best day of my life.
I woke up parked at Great Stirrup Cay, which if you don't know is Skynyrd Island in the Bahamas. I hit the breakfast buffet with Kevin and his lovely fiancé and got off the ship to get my tan on and do some paddle boarding in clear 70 degree water. It was a tough morning, but the real fun began when we got back on the ship at 2pm.
Lynyrd Skynyrd kicked off the night on the pool deck at 3pm and all the beer was free during their set. They kicked ass as usual and ended the set with Simple Man which was a nice change-up (freebird!!)
The next band wasn't on until 6 so there was time for much-needed showers and naps before a long night of non-stop music on 5 stages around the ship.
While overlapping set times made it impossible to catch everyone's full set, I made it my mission to catch at least some of every band. 17 bands played on Tuesday and having the day off meant I was able to see every one. I was consistently blown away. Blackberry Smoke, Foghat, Lukas Nelson (Willie's kid), Heather Luttrell (I'm in love), Brother Hawk, and Drake White just to name a few, every single band was amazing.
Being invited to play on this cruise has been unreal. I knew it was going to be awesome, but I had no idea what a huge, amazing family this was and I feel honored to now be a part of it. I could write about it all night but there are too many great bands to see. See you back home!

Simple Man Cruise - Day 2 

Upon learning of our selection to perform on the Simple Man Cruise I was hit with a wave of emotion. Gratitude, excitement, and a slight feeling of accomplishment all fell over my body. Then I realized that the cruise falls on my 30th birthday. That just amplified all the emotion.

A quiet sort of excitement filled my body all throughout our long trip from Tullytown, PA to Miami. All of us know how important this cruise is towards the advancement of our career as a band. Getting to share a festival bill with the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd is all that was needed for this to be a significant life time achievement. Upon getting on the boat though, I could tell right away there was a lot more to this experience than just getting to play some rock and roll.

One of the biggest goals of a rock and roll band is to not only play music, but to play music in front of people who actually care about hearing great rock and roll. Believers as I lovingly call them. Without these believers, us, and Skynyrd, and Blackberry Smoke just don't happen. They just don't. The minute we walked on the ship we realized that we were surrounded by a couple thousand believers. Then those believers showed up for our first show on Monday, and we could see the same reactions they had given every other great band on this boat. A wave of positive excited emotion streamed across the room. It's a wave that stretched out to the Lynyrd Skynyrd fans who were leaving their show towards the end of ours (going up against Skynyrd was probably the only downfall of show one). The room was moving, the people were singing and dancing, and new friends were made. To win over these true rock and roll fans was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. To do this on my 30th birthday made it extra special. To create a significantly sized buzz for our second show, a show where we will pretty much have the ship to ourselves (thank you Sixth Man) makes it that much better. Our first performance was great, rewarding, and helped show us that we are doing the right fucking thing. But there is still work to be done, and that work shall be completed tomorrow afternoon. As for now I must go and enjoy all of these great bands, such as the Band of Heathens who I am watching as we speak. I'll see everyone back in the states soon. You're well wishes have meant the world to me (as have your birthday wishes). See ya soon.

PS: do yourselves a favor and check out Band of Heathens, The Delta Saints, Jamie Davis, County Line Road, and Waylon Speed. Some great up and coming bands that also need many believers on their side. It's about family here, and we only want our family to grow.


Simple Man Cruise - Day 1 

Day 1 of the cruise was a whirlwind. We arrived at the ship terminal early, guitars and gear in hand. As we awaited boarding you could feel the excitement building. After checking in we had a few hours to kill alongside our fellow cruiser before we could board. In true Stolen Rhodes fashion we busted out the acoustic guitars for an impromptu show. The crowd around us quickly began to swell and we ended up leading about 200 cruisers in a camp fire like sing along. Nothing like having a whole terminal of people join you in singing Can't You See. It was a pretty amazing moment.

Finally it was time to board, so we packed the guitars back up and headed to the rooms. We quickly ditched our gear and headed out to the pool deck to check out Preacher Stone kick the cruise off.

It was incredible walking the ship and seeing so many friends we have met through our ow shows as well as prior Skynyrd and Blackberry Smoke shows. It is like a giant rock n' roll family. Each one was extremely important in getting us voted onto the cruise. We cant thank you enough!

After a quick detour to learn how to use a life vest, we headed to an Artist Party that took place during the Skynyrd Tribute Show where the bands covered their favorite LS tunes. We got to catch up with some old friends in Delta Saints and Blackberry Smoke, as well as meet a bunch of other new kick ass bands like Waylon Speed, Curt Towne, County Line Road the list goes on and on.

We had a few cocktails with the bands then started checking out the sets from bands playing that night. We saw Delta Saints and Devon Allman slay the Spinnaker Lounge. County Line Road and Higher Choir rocked at Bar City. Matt even joined CLR on stage to sing a few tunes.

The last set of night was a midnight show from Blackberry Smoke. It was epic being miles out to sea and watching them bring the house down. The wind was blowing and the music was loud, it was a hell of away to close out the first night.

Once the bands finished we quickly moved the party to the casino bar where we met back up with Delta Saints and Blackberry Smoke and closed the night out with a lot of beers and a lot of laughs.

Day one from the cruise was surreal. We are spreading the good word of Stolen Rhodes and trying to make all our fans who can't be with us proud! As always thank you for the support. We couldn't be reaching the next level without all of your dedication and belief in us.

Check back tomorrow for a wrap up of our first show and Dan's birthday!

- Kevin

Simple Man Cruise - The Journey 

We were on tour back in July when we broke the news to you all that we would be part of this year's Simple Man Cruise. November seemed so far away then. Well November is finally here, and we're on the road again, this time headed to Miami and then the high seas.
We started out on Friday night at 7:30 after loading down the Moontower with more gear than I've ever seen fit in that van (Tetris skills are never useless skills, by the way). Night traveling always inspires me, so I was able to break in my new lyric notebook when I wasn't driving. Just a sampling of the SR soundtrack for the drive: Led Zeppelin, Motörhead, Black Label Society, The Clash, Van Halen... You know, a little mellow easy listening...

We got to Myrtle Beach just before sunrise, as the sky was starting to turn purple behind the tall palms and pines. After resting up for a few hours, we continued our journey south. Charleston in the afternoon sun is a gorgeous sight - just another of the many places SR has to play on our next southern trip. As we drove through Georgia, we checked the weather report, and realized the entire country is in a deep freeze...except for Florida. People's perception of the temperature varies greatly though, because while we were walking around in t-shirts after crossing into Florida, the locals were still bundled up saying it's the coldest it's been in months. We're from the northeast, so we'll take whatever warmth we can get.

Something I saw in Florida that I've never seen before: boiled peanuts, regular and Cajun style. I thought it was soup at first. Something tells me I missed out not trying them. I'll have to get some on the way back up north.

They say it's more about the journey than the destination, but while the trip down was awesome, don't get me wrong, this one is about the destination. When I was 14, sitting on the edge of my bed learning "Sweet Home Alabama," I never would have dreamed that one day, some years later, I would be invited to perform on the Simple Man Cruise. I'm so excited to hear all the great bands, see some old friends, and meet some new ones. Most of all, I'm excited to hit the stage with my brothers. Stay tuned for more updates.
-Matt, Stolen Rhodes

New EP "Slow Horse" Release 

***Pre-Orders of our NEW EP “Slow Horse” Now Available on iTunes (link)***

Upcoming Shows:

Saturday, November 8th @7:30pm (CD RELEASE SHOW) – The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ – With Jon Herington (of Steely Dan) – Tickets $15 (email

Saturday, November 29th (CD RELEASE SHOW) – World Café Live at The Queen, Wilmington, DE – Wilmo Rock Circus – More Details to Follow


SR fans,

You have all been patiently waiting, and the day is almost here…

Our brand new EP “Slow Horse” will be officially released on Saturday, November 8th!  An occasion like this wouldn’t be complete without a celebration – make that two!

Our first release show will be that night – Saturday, November 8th @7:30pm – at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ, where we will share the bill with Steely Dan guitarist Jon Herington.  No Stolen Rhodes show is complete without our amazing fans, so help us show Asbury Park how awesome you all are!  This is also a kind of "going away" party for us, since one week later we will be setting sail with Skynyrd on the Simple Man Cruise.  Tickets for The Saint are only $15 and can be purchased by emailing us at  See you there!

We will continue to celebrate the release of “Slow Horse,” and our return from the high seas, on Saturday, November 29th.  We are very excited to be joining the bill of the Wilmo Rock Circus at World Cafe Live at The Queen.  It will be great to celebrate our new EP surrounded by the musicians and bands who have helped create such an amazing rock scene in the Delaware Valley!  More details coming soon, so stay tuned!

So as you see, the weather may be cooling down, but Stolen Rhodes is just starting to heat up!  And don’t forget to pre-order your copy of “Slow Horse” on iTunes (link)!

\m/ Rock on!

NEW SINGLE Now Available 

Rhode Crew,

We’d like to take this opportunity to announce the official release of our brand new single “50 Miles to Richmond.”  It is now available on iTunes:

Download from iTunes

Thank you to everyone who attended our single release show last Friday at the Belmar Arts Council.  Intimate unplugged shows like this are always a great time for us, because they give us the chance to really connect with the songs, and with the audience.  It was the perfect night to release “50 Miles to Richmond.”  And of course, a big thanks to our good friends Chelsea Berry and Matt Brown for performing with us!

We hope you enjoy listening to the new single as much as we did recording it.

\m/ SR

The Parlor Mob with SR on 9/4 at the TLA in Philly 

***Upcoming Shows***

* Thursday, September 4th @7pm - Stolen Rhodes and The Parlor Mob - Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA - Tickets $15 (event link)

* Friday, September 5th @8pm - Stolen Rhodes Single Release Show #2 - Belmar Arts Council, Belmar, NJ

Hey Rhode Crew!

Hope everyone is doing well!  We wanted to do something big for our Philly friends this summer to celebrate all the good things we have going on right now.  We’ll take this opportunity to let you know that we’ll be making our triumphant return to the Theatre of the Living Arts, this time with Asbury Park’s own The Parlor Mob, and Philadelphia's Ruby the Hatchet.  The show is Thursday, September 4th at the TLA in the heart of South Street.  We have tickets in hand right now, so get them while you can!  You can contact us here to secure your tickets.  At $15 for a night of killer music, you can't really get a better deal!

By now many of you have downloaded "Gone," the first single from our upcoming EP “Slow Horse.”  If you haven't, what are you waiting for?!  The second single will be available on Friday, September 5th, and we will be celebrating its release with an intimate acoustic show at the Belmar Arts Council in Belmar, NJ.  So mark your calendars now: Friday, September 5th - SR’s Second Single Release Show - Belmar Arts Council, Belmar, NJ.  See you there!

We work to give our fans as much love as you show us.  We hope a big TLA show and a new single release, back to back, fits the bill.  Hope to see everyone on September 4th and 5th.  As always, keep up to date on, Facebook, and Twitter – and of course, keep on rockin’!

\m/ SR

SR joins Simple Man Cruise Lineup 

Rhode Warriors,

We hope you have been enjoying your summer so far.  Last week, our summer got a little sweeter when we learned we will be joining Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackberry Smoke, and Foghat, plus many others, on the Simple Man Cruise this fall!

Now, this news is exciting in its own right, but what makes it even better is that our appearance on the cruise was made possible by fan request!  To all of you who pulled hard for us to be part of the Simple Man Cruise lineup, we want to say a huge Thank You!  We always say, we have the greatest fans, and this just proves it.

There are a few spots still open on the cruise, so if anyone is looking for a great getaway, please join us.  Five straight days of music, and partying.  It really doesn't get better than that.

As summer heats up, we know you will be taking some Rhode trips.  We hope that by now you have all downloaded our new single "Gone" and are having fun blasting it on 11 as you drive down the road.  If you don't have it yet, what are you waiting for?!  Head over to Amazon or iTunes to get your copy. 

Thank you all for your endless support.  We'll see you soon!

\m/ Rock on!


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    Night one in the books. Awesome night with @rrtfb thank you @ardmoremusichall next up #bergenpac ! #stolenrhodes #ShareTheRhodes #bretthaas #useme #billwithers #robertrandolph #jerseyrock #slowhorsetour #alwaysontour #custombycougar #nashguitar #tone #homecomming #getampedup
  • #tbt Kevin jamming with @rrtfb at #havananewhope we will be opening for #robertrandolph both at #ardmoremusichall and #bergenpac this weekend get you tickets! #sharetherhodes #delco #northjersey #jerseyrock
    #tbt Kevin jamming with @rrtfb at #havananewhope we will be opening for #robertrandolph both at #ardmoremusichall and #bergenpac this weekend get you tickets! #sharetherhodes #delco #northjersey #jerseyrock
  • Late night rock and roll session with #TheRollingStones. #LetItBleed
    Late night rock and roll session with #TheRollingStones. #LetItBleed
  • @sxmliveloud #SimpleManCruise #reunion with @WaylonSpeed and @stolenrhodes
    @sxmliveloud #SimpleManCruise #reunion with @WaylonSpeed and @stolenrhodes
  • #stolenrhodes #robertrandolph #robertrandolphandthefamilyband Two weeks till the show get your tickets! @rrtfb @stolenrhodes #sharetherhodes #ardmoremusichall #timetorock #simplemancruise #blackberrysmoke #charliestarr
    #stolenrhodes #robertrandolph #robertrandolphandthefamilyband Two weeks till the show get your tickets! @rrtfb @stolenrhodes #sharetherhodes #ardmoremusichall #timetorock #simplemancruise #blackberrysmoke #charliestarr
  • #stolenrhodes in the studio with #bigdaddygraham talking about #simplemancruise #robertrandolph #slowhorsetour
    #stolenrhodes in the studio with #bigdaddygraham talking about #simplemancruise #robertrandolph #slowhorsetour
  • Last #stolenrhodes show of the year. We are opening for #robertrandolph at the #bergenpac #newjersey #jerseyrock @jersey_rock @rrtfb #simplemancruise #sharetherhodes #slowhorsetour #robertrandolphandthefamilyband #rocknroll #roadlife #alwaysontour
    Last #stolenrhodes show of the year. We are opening for #robertrandolph at the #bergenpac #newjersey #jerseyrock @jersey_rock @rrtfb #simplemancruise #sharetherhodes #slowhorsetour #robertrandolphandthefamilyband #rocknroll #roadlife #alwaysontour
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    Thank you #newhope! We will be back in the #spring 2 more shows left in #2014 #slowhorsetour #newhopepa #franspub #touringlife #alwaysontour #simplemancruise #rocknroll #orangeamps #slowhorse #sharetherhodes #stolenrhodes #buckscounty

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